"Let anyone among you who is without sin, be the first to cast their stone…"

For those that don’t know, this is just after Mary Magdalen is thrown at the feet of Jesus after having been caught in the act of adultery, “caught in the very act" it specifies in the bible.

The Pharisee’s demanded punishment and condemnation from Jesus, instead he only offers compassion, challenging them that anyone without sin was free to be the first to cast their stone.¬†After they all left, not a single stone cast, Jesus helps her to her feet, telling her he doesn’t condemn her.¬†

At least in my life this was and is one of the most profound scenes in any movie ever. I’ve read that verse a thousand times, but seeing it still makes me cry. I’ve never been perfect and even as a christian I fall more often than I care to admit. And still, even now, he doesn’t condemn any of us, no matter our sins.